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This page contains information related to Cadence Tools used in courses at Dept. of ECE, National University of Singapore


This module guides the students with the design aspects of digital integrated circuits. It covers concepts of basic digital CMOS building blocks, combinational and sequential logic circuits, dynamic logic circuits, interconnect, timing and power issue of the digital integrated circuits. Low-power design and design verification are also covered in this module.

This module introduces the students to the design of integrated circuits. It covers basic concepts including integrated circuits fabrication technology, CMOS and nMOS design, inverter design, aspect ratios of pull-up and pull-down transistors, switching characteristics of CMOS and nMOS inverters, latch-up, stick diagram, design rules, mask layout, sub-systems design, ASIC challenges and issues, ASIC design flow, Verilog hardware design language basics, and logic synthesis.


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